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 (wĭt′sən-dē, -dā′, hwĭt′-)

[Middle English whitsonday, from Old English hwīta sunnandæg, White Sunday (from the white ceremonial robes worn on this day) : hwīt, white; see white + sunnandæg, Sunday; see Sunday.]
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(ˌhwɪtˈsʌndɪ; ˌwɪt-)
(Ecclesiastical Terms) (in Scotland) May 15, one of the four quarter days
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(ˈʰwɪtˈsʌn deɪ, -di, -sənˌdeɪ, ˈwɪt-)

the Christian festival of Pentecost.
[before 1100; Middle English whitsonenday, Old English Hwīta Sunnandæg white Sunday; probably so called because the newly baptized wore white robes on that day]
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Noun1.Whitsunday - seventh Sunday after EasterWhitsunday - seventh Sunday after Easter; commemorates the emanation of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles; a quarter day in Scotland
quarter day - a Christian holy day; one of four specified days when certain payments are due
Whitsun, Whitsuntide, Whitweek - Christian holiday; the week beginning on Whitsunday (especially the first 3 days)
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Anyone passing the house on the Thursday before WhitSunday at about half-past four p.m.
une merveille de voir chacun de ces atollons, environne d'un grand banc de pierre tout autour, n'y ayant point d'artifice humain." The accompanying sketch of Whitsunday Island in the Pacific, copied from, Capt.
July 11th.--There has been no rain since the day before Whitsunday, five weeks ago, which partly, but not entirely, accounts for the disappointment my beds have been.
It was agreed that Whitsunday should be spent at Versailles.
Then shall ye, said Sir Launcelot, on Whitsunday next coming go unto the court of King Arthur, and there shall ye yield you unto Queen Guenever, and put you all three in her grace and mercy, and say that Sir Kay sent you thither to be her prisoners.
We can go mad with joy, as the people do out in the fields on a fine Whitsunday. We make the most of our moment."
The location - Cid Harbour in the Whitsunday Islands - was also the scene of two non-fatal shark attacks in September.
But handicap debutant WHITSUNDAY ISLANDS, racing off a mark of 75, should have excellent prospects in the Follow Navan On Twitter Nursery over a mile.
Both were still in hospital Sunday after being mauled in separate incidents just a day apart last week at the Whitsunday Islands.
MORNING I would see first light from my balcony on Daydream Island before a morning snorkel at one of the hundreds of fringing reefs scattered throughout the Whitsunday islands.