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(Biography) Richard, known as Dick. died 1423, English merchant, three times mayor of London. According to legend, he walked to London at the age of 13 with his cat and was prevented from leaving again only by the call of the church bells


(ˈʰwɪt ɪŋ tən, ˈwɪt-)

Richard ( “Dick” ), 1358?–1423, Lord Mayor of London, England.
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As for the animal that made the fortune of the ex-lord-mayor Whittington, I shall never forget the day that I was lying in the house about noon, everybody else being fast asleep; and happening to raise my eyes, met those of a big black spectral cat, which sat erect in the doorway, looking at me with its frightful goggling green orbs, like one of those monstrous imps that torment some of Teniers' saints
The principal function of this retainer was to quarrel with the cook; in which respect he was a perfect Whittington, without his cat, or the remotest chance of being made Lord Mayor.
Since the time of noble Whittington, fair flower of merchants, bells have come to have less sympathy with humankind.
Mrs Merdle had written to this magnificent spouse of hers, whom it was heresy to regard as anything less than all the British Merchants since the days of Whittington rolled into one, and gilded three feet deep all over--had written to this spouse of hers, several letters from Rome, in quick succession, urging upon him with importunity that now or never was the time to provide for Edmund Sparkler.
Simon (the younger brother and sister of the bridegroom), and Lady Alicia Whittington.
The whole road has been reminding me of my name-sake Whittington," said Richard, "and that waggon is the finishing touch.
Whittington, apparently struck his son, 23-year-old Ryan E.
THE award-winning Anvil Homes launched its new show home at Briar Fields in Great Whittington last weekend, which led to the sale of another plot - leaving only five remaining.
LOCSU chief operating officer, Richard Whittington (pictured), told OT that evidence is accumulating in support of the effectiveness of extended services.
Whittington Heath Golf Club, near Lichfield, which was founded in 1886 and is claimed to be one of the oldest in England, will be bisected by the rail line, resulting in the loss of five holes and the demolition of its historic clubhouse, greenkeeper's compound and halfway house.
But an inquest heard he was forgotten amid chaotic conditions at Whittington Hospital in Highgate, North London.