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or who·dun·nit  (ho͞o-dŭn′ĭt)
n. Informal
A story dealing with a crime and its solution; a detective story.

[Alteration of who done it?]
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(huːˈdʌnɪt) or


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) informal a novel, play, etc, concerned with a crime, usually murder
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Whodunnits are irresistible - and I should know because I've read all Agatha Christie's books.
The novelist, who has published two whodunnits under pen name Robert Galbraith, says she is a fan of the genre because she is not tied by one storyline.
It is kind of instant drama and, sure, it's a quick, easy way of getting people's attention, but I don't know whether it is healthy" - Kevin Whately (pictured), star of the TV series Lewis who says that many of the whodunnits on TV "are a bit lost on me".
PREVIEW The Business of Murder RUGBY THEATRE, RUGBY IF you are into Agatha Christiestyle whodunnits and thrillers, Rugby Theatre's The Business of Murder will be just up your street.
Stars will be in the dark until almost the last moment about whether they sparked one of the BBC1 soap's biggest ever whodunnits.
Nettles is leaving the show after 13 years and more than 80 episodes of the light-hearted whodunnits as his character retires.
But as long as ITV trot out the "viewers have shorter attention spans" excuse for 45-minute whodunnits while showing Place of Execution over three weeks, I smell a red herring.
These riveting 'whodunnits" are packed with memorable characters, fascinating plot twists, and surprise endings.