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"As of today, there is no other organisation, who can boast the whole offering as far as AI and robotics are concerned," Khan adds.
The whole offering comprises of secondary shares to be sold by the selling shareholders.
"We continue to look at our whole offering of AmazonFresh, Prime Now, Whole Foods--how can they work together to create better and better offerings for our customer base," he said.
Once again, this is not just about re-fuelling but also serves as a quality check on the standard of food we send out - as such, I rarely get the same meal as it's important to have a grasp of our whole offering, regardless of my personal taste.
As is the case across its whole offering, Saxo Bank will provide multi-language service and support.
"But the hope is that, in pairing her with a new male co-presenter, the whole offering will seem fresh and different and together they will draw in millions of extra viewers.
"End caps and store displays that can highlight the store brand's whole offering pull the brand together and help cross-sell the items," says Steve Berry, founder of Greenblendz, Auburn Hills, Mich.
As ever there is some excellent voice acting, and there are some absolutely brilliant set piece missions to get through, which really elevate the whole offering.
Unlike products that appear to rely more on the bottle than the box for their visual impact, Bella Bamba is a face powder sold with its own brush, so the box is essential to hold the whole offering together.
The reports have also mentioned that Pareek said that Kizashi customers will be different and hence the whole offering, sales process, sales delivery method, everything will be tuned to these type of customers.