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v. i.1.To hoot.
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We've tracked down Dr Whoot - the popular Dr Who style old police phonebox - to a former police station in Hagley, 'Our Happy Hospit-Owl' to a nursery in Sutton Coldfield and Yellow to Hockley, where he's had a makeover
The wild chant goes, "oh ya, oh le hay, whoot, whoot, whoot, whoot," accompanied by rhythmic whistling.
It's spelled w-zero-zero-t, it's pronounced whoot, and it originally meant "Wow.
The TARDIS-like Dr Whoot, designed by Doctor Who fanatic Stephen McKay, went for PS10,500, while Martin Band's Selfridges' owl Selfie raised PS11,000.
The owls were designed by celebrities including graffiti artist Temper, rocker Ozzy Osbourne and Doctor Who fanatic Stephen McKay, who designed the TARDISlike 'Dr Whoot.
The bidding for each owl is expected to start in the region of PS3,000-PS5,000, with favourites such as Dr Whoot and Ozzy's Owl expected to raise considerably more.
Our favourite owl is Dr Whoot at Snow Hill Station.
You can find Buttons the chocolate owl at Cadbury World, an owl called Yellow perched at the Custard Factory, and there's also Dr Whoot, Hootankhamoon, TropicOwl, Ozzy's Owl and Twit Choo-Choo among the many other sculptures in Brum.