v. i.1.To make a rough, humming sound, like one who pronounces the letter r with too much force; to whir; to birr.
2.To snarl or growl, as a dog.
n.1.A humming or whirring sound, like that of a body moving through the air with velocity; a whir.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Christ say'd it sae plain: "Whur there be gaithered twa or three "There richt in their midst, I shall be."
Solicitor Paddy Whur, representing Factory, told the hearing that Professional Security have been removed, and they add that none of the door staff who worked on the night of December 2 will work for the new security company.
Solicitor Paddy Whur, representing Arc, said that the Leeds-based company will invest PS1.4m in the building, adding that its premium prices would act as a way of policing the kind of clientele it attracts.
The firm's solicitor, Paddy Whur, toldNewcastle City Council's licensing sub-committee that the Collingwood Street scheme had been withdrawn in order to focus on negotiations over Banyan.
A statement submitted by solicitors Woods Whur added: "We also notice that there were congregations of people outside the application premises on the footage.
Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Hughes moved to Washington, D.C., in 1971 and became the general sales manager at WHUR, Howard University's radio station, in 1973.
Paddy Whur, representing Mojo's management company, Voodoo Doll Ltd, said: "I'm here to apologise on behalf of what is a very responsible operator."
The release of this album comes on the heels of the great success that he has had with the release of the single, “Behind Closed Doors,” which is currently #1 at WHUR in D.C.
Together with Steve Henderson, James Early and Niani Kilkenny he sponsored the whur tribute to me and was one of the key participants on the Pacifica tribute to me, two heart-warming events.
Meanwhile, students at Howard University raised $80,000 for an alternative spring break in several American cities and the nation of Haiti through a phonathon on WHUR radio station and from motorists dropping spare change into buckets on Georgia Avenue.
He's gonna be, but why ainchu up whur you kin see good, dear?
WHUR FM: "Sounds Like Washington" Yesterday, in the alley, a man was found hair stringy, matted, hardening in the sun, like mud where dandelion and burdock rise, fill empty yards & bind the wheels of soundless cars Spilling from a pile of plastic bags, his body's a waste my neighbor says of a perfectly good white boy But today, in the shade, young men buff and gloss all around, cicada song in waves, the way a breeze might come high-pitched wail that almost drowns the radio: Just bees and thangs and flowers