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There was a pause, and they looked askance upon Wickens's boy.
"That's 'im," cried Wickens's boy, suddenly struck with a sense of his own importance as a witness.
"To such a thing," said Wickens's boy stubbornly, emboldened by witnessing the effrontery of one apparently of his own class.
"Yes, I am Wickens's boy," said the witness, partly fierce, partly lachrymose, "and I say I seen him, and if anyone sez I didn't see him, he's a lie."
A RARE common crane chick that hatched at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire is believed to be the first born at the site for more than 500 years, the National Trust said.
Wicken Fen, Cambs - Boardwalk Trail /Monk's Lode and Wicken Village: The all-weather Boardwalk is a gentle wander by ancient undrained Sedge Fen.
"We were delighted to find out that she had been chipped and her name was Wicken," said Fiona.
The designation was made last week just after Park accepted the resignation of former Motch president and CEO Michael Wicken, who joined the company in that post in mid-1995.
Boston Digital Corp, Milford, MA, has been acquired by Charterhouse Equity Partners, a New York investment firm, and a management team headed by Michael Wicken. Other investors include Roger Schroeder and Ian Joyce.
One of Europe's most famous wetlands, Wicken Fen supports an abundance of wildlife with more than 9,000 species including plants, birds and dragonflies.
The crucifix ground beetle was found at the National Trust's Wicken Fen site in Cambridgeshire for the first time since 1951.
Prior to joining Motch, Wicken had been president of builder Boston Digital Corp., of distributor Robert.