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Along with the revival of the rail transport, the upgrading of the track is on the progress as the 2 feet and 6 inches (narrow gauge) is expanded to 5 feet 6 inches (wide gauge).
The Iranian Railways used special measures to transport the consignment using its multiple railway system, including small gauge and wide gauge railway track.
The wide gauge railway project, among many others, has established Beijing as an indispensable developmental partner.
It is often done trans-abdominally,4 under real time ultrasound guidance, using a wide gauge (18G) needle and negative pressure onto a disposable 20ml syringe.
Neither it is well-known about the type of trackway (narrow or wide gauge) that would have produced a rebbachisaurid, but considering their diplodocoid affinities, they could be considered as potentially trackmakers of the narrow-gauge trackways of the Cretaceous.
That means a large facility had to be built on the Iran-Turkmenistan border that will lift rail cars and shift them between wheels fitted to wide gauge and wheels fitted to standard gauge.
(In this context, "narrow gauge" refers to railroads where the rails tended to be spaced only two or three feet apart, rather than the standard "wide gauge" of four to eight and half feet).
FieldTurf is ideal for soccer play because of its fiber technology which delivers ideal ball roll and performance, its heavyweight infill system designed to provide grass-like energy restitution and shock absorption, while the company's wide gauge tufting allows organizations to enjoy proper soccer-specific playability and safety features.
The tracks on the road to hell, he thundered, were a wide gauge, but the tracks on the road to heaven were narrow, and not all our cars were going to make the journey.
The Volvo PL has a wide gauge, lower center of gravity, and a lifting platform where the boom is mounted inboard of the track frame and closer to the machine's centerline for stability and 29 percent higher lift capacities than conventional equipment.
Their wide gauge also allows the straddling of the trench if this suits the project layout.