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n.1.One who makes widows by destroying husbands.
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In 1999, while felling timber, Rizzo was hit by a widow-maker.
An image of a widow-maker on an Abies amabilis, or Pacific Silver Fir.
He chooses life, having survived a so-called widow-maker heart attack.
After the recent events in New Zealand and Chile, watching them go down a hole in the ground is even more worrying than it would be normally - especially when they're introduced to a whizzy bit of Edwardian drilling kit dubbed "the widow-maker.
The Widow-Maker Heart Attack at Age 48: Written by a Heart Attack Survivor for a Heart Attack Survivor and Their Loved Ones" is a combination memoir and advice manual, reflecting on Patrick Fox's own survival of his heart attack and the year after which proved quite tumultuous for him.
LIKE MOST OF you, I've heard all the warnings--never ride a horse named Cyclone, Dynamite, or Widow-Maker.
I'm always afraid of missing that widow-maker lesion.
Unfortunately, those saws also often made short work of the operator by grabbing hold of loose clothing with a disastrous outcome, tipping when under load (if not properly staked down) and causing general carnage with the exposed blade--thus the moniker Widow-Maker.
Nowra has been working just as long and has penned a dozen film scripts, including "K19: The Widow-maker Both produced a play at the Griffin in 2004, and will again this year.