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(ˈvɪt əˌkɪnt)

died A.D. 807?, Westphalian chief: leader of the Saxons against Charlemagne.
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Widukind, a monk at the Saxon monastery of Corvey during the middle third of the 10th century, is known to posterity almost exclusively for his history Res gestae Saxonicae.
In November 1961, Widukind Lenz, a German physician, reported in a conference that the on going outbreak of phocomelia (limb pre-axial reduction) and amelia (absence of limbs), previously identified in the medical literature as extremely rare birth defects, was associated with maternal consumption of thalidomide during the first trimester of pregnancy (2,3,7,8).
Duane: As a point of connection, Widukind de Ridder, in chapter four of your new edited collection on Max Stirner, argued that 'much against Stirner's own intentions, "egoism" became a philosophy of the self', (14) Stirner's Ego--not to be confused with the imaginary Ego of post-Freudian thought--takes on an autonomous reality that resists any and all claims to represent or domesticate it by 'spooks'.
199, 202, 204, 214 (tombs of Duke Widukind of Saxony [died ca.