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(Biography) Elie. born 1928, US human rights campaigner: noted esp for his documentaries of wartime atrocities against the Jews; Nobel peace prize (1986); honorary knighthood (2006)



El•ie (ˈɛl i) (Eliezer), born 1928, U.S. author, born in Romania: Nobel peace prize 1986.
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Noun1.Wiesel - United States writer (born in Romania) who survived Nazi concentration camps and is dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust (born in 1928)Wiesel - United States writer (born in Romania) who survived Nazi concentration camps and is dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust (born in 1928)
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La dirigeante birmane Aung San Suu Kyi, couverte de gloire apres son prix Nobel de la Paix en 1991 qui lui a valu une resistance acharnee de 20 ans aux brimades de la junte militaire, a perdu son prix Elie Wiesel du musee de l'Holocauste a Washington, rapporte France 24 .
08 (ANI): The US Holocaust Memorial Museum invalidated the prestigious Elie Wiesel Award that was presented to Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi in 2012.
Contract award notice: Iu_0582/17: Industrieuntersttzung im bereich der hil-betriebssttten, Wiesel 1 fam
Elie Wiesel was] a great humanitarian," he said, "an immigrant who believed in inclusiveness and love.
JOE Keith of Heaton quotes Elie Wiesel to illustrate his position that we must teach the Tories a lesson they will not forget.
It was amazing to see how well Elie Wiesel was able to speak to this group of young people.
Sin pretenderlo Elie Wiesel se convirtio para mas de uno en un guia o un companero espiritual en el sentido mas profundo.
The death of Wiesel, a Jew, writer and philosopher who lost his family and nearly his own life in the Holocaust, resonated particularly among Jews around the world, and in Israel, a nation he vigorously defended.
Elie Wiesel, 1986 Nobel Peace Laureate, professor, author of more than 40 books, Romanian-born Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, crusader for peace and human rights, died last week in New York at the age of 87.
NOBEL laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, known as an "extraordinary man" and a "great moral voice of our time", has died.
Liberated in 1945 from Buchenwald concentration camp, Wiesel, who lost his parents and a sister in the Holocaust, went on to speak out for victims of violence and oppression.
Another writer [who was upset with Eli's position on a much publicized gruesome crime in the USA; "Death is not the answer" for men who tie girls to their beds, rape them, douse them with gasoline and set them on fire, says Elie Wiesel] wrote: "It seems Wiesel wants to prevent Gentiles from getting justice for evil done to them, while justice for Jews has always required full punishment .