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1. A man who beats his wife.
2. Offensive Slang A white, sleeveless, usually tight-fitting undershirt.

[Sense 2, from the popular association of the garment with a stereotype of a violent lower-class man.]
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And those who bizarrely still see Simpson as an all-American hero would do well to remember he is a liar, a wifebeater, and in many people's eyes a murderer (though not convicted in a criminal court, a civil judgment found him liable for the deaths of Nicole and Goldman in 1997).
Reed lurks around in a wifebeater and sagging shorts.
Convicted wifebeater Derek Mitchell - who attacked Suzie so badly she said she tried to kill herself - was arrested on Saturday.
There may be / among us a wifebeater, surely a thief .
On the second night at his mum's house, Eddie settled down to sleep around midnight, but as he lay there in the dark he heard a familiar voice calling him a cowardly wifebeater.
Baloloy would be too starstruck to realize that Wu came out to do the show wearing the bracelets she gave him, along with his DIY Levis vest, white wifebeater top, Chanel belt, black Levis pants and Adidas shoes.
WIFEBEATER Robert ornton grabbed his former partner by the throat, punched her and spat on her when she asked him to leave her home.
Don's over-the-top Italian-American accent, wifebeater outfit, and attitudes towards women mean he's a character riddled with lazy stereotypes.
Ty's solicitor suggests he pleads guilty to Kirsty's charges, but surely nobody will believe he's a wifebeater, so he's horrified to discover Sally's not so sure.
The poor man ends up locked in a police cell, accused of being a wifebeater, but will anyone believe him when he says it's the other way round?
I looked down at my outfit--faded jeans with a frayed hole where the left knee used to be and a white wifebeater.