Wiffle Ball

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Wiffle ball

(Team Sports, other than specified) a hollow plastic baseball, one side of which is perforated to enable the pitching of various types of curveball: used in an informal variation of baseball
[C20: imitative of the sound a pitched ball makes when the batter fails to hit it]
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Noun1.Wiffle Ball - (trademark) a hollow plastic ball with cutouts
ball - round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games; "the ball travelled 90 mph on his serve"; "the mayor threw out the first ball"; "the ball rolled into the corner pocket"
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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It was another learning moment for Hull, who for all these years has pointed to the Wiffle ball games his friends played against my newspaper team in the late 1970s in their backyard, hand-built stadium as a major influence on his life.
Tenders are invited for renovate play area (not installing play equipment), construct a synthetic turf wiffle ball field, and install decorative paving work and an irrigation system.
The testosterone-fueled clan played Wiffle Ball at a nearby greenbelt, drove neighbors batty by staging ping-pong tournaments until one in the morning, and annoyed their parents by dunking each other in the backyard pool.
It's easy to achieve high initial velocity when hitting a Wiffle ball because it is so light, but the effects of wind and friction are much more pronounced because of the Wiffle ball's lower mass.
As my sons reached Wiffle ball age, our neighbors here in Eugene were amazingly kind about returning foul balls and home runs.
Only one club is required but every player needs a plastic wiffle ball, which can be picked up from supermarkets.
On any given day, there could be dozens of children playing wiffle ball in the yard, swimming in the pool or building a fort in the back.
When Bill played Wiffle ball with his cousins, his teammates stood behind the backstop because after he swung at the ball, he threw the bat.
On his downtime, Adam was spotted holding hands with Behati, and also playing wiffle ball with his roommate, writer/actor/producer Gene Hong (also pictured at the Mustard Seed Cafe lunch).
Hockey is my favorite, but l also love to play football, Wiffle ball and extreme croquet--we play on a hill that's wicked steep.
While our boys, all three of them, are willing to indulge dear old dad in a little spirited play--whether it be hockey (the driveway variety), basketball (I put up the net myself), football (as long as I'm QB), or baseball (usually Wiffle Ball, but I do hit fungoes and throw BP at the park)--when it comes time to hit the fairway or the driving range, we usually seek out our daughter, a tenacious and feisty midfielder who doubles as a determined cross country runner to stay in shape for soccer.