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n.1.A kind of raised seedcake.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lorry sat at a table, among the gentlemen in wigs: not far from a wigged gentleman, the prisoner's counsel, who had a great bundle of papers before him: and nearly opposite another wigged gentleman with his hands in his pockets, whose whole attention, when Mr.
Everybody present, except the one wigged gentleman who looked at the ceiling, stared at him.
He was painted and padded, wigged and dressed, to represent the abstract idea of a male human being of five-and twenty in robust health.
A Cheshire Police spokesman said they would like to hear from anyone who believes they may have been approached by the suspect in similar circumstances while walking on Wigg Island or around this area.
A spokesperson from Halton Council said Waste Management have confirmed that the site on Wigg Island is not council owned land, but that they are looking into who the land belongs to and will alert them to the issue.
A Cheshire Police spokesman said: "At approximately 12.23am on Wednesday 28 February officers were called to reports that a man had been found unconscious in a car on Wigg Island, Runcorn.
Knowing it to be important Mr Wigg bought the bronze memorial for PS230, and contacted the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the War Memorials Trust in a bid to return the historic item to its original home.
PROUD Darren Wigg is training British Olympic swimmers
Outraged by the presence of such a thing on their premises, the tenants at Fred Wigg filed a lawsuit to prevent the installation, citing, among other things, that they themselves would become the target of terrorists.
The Fred Wigg residents applied for permission to seek judicial review, protesting there has been a "disproportionate interference" with their human rights, and they were not consulted fairly and properly over the siting of the ground-based air defence system.
He said of the residents: "They have a fully justified fear that installation or deployment of the missile system on the roof of the Fred Wigg Tower gives rise to the additional risk that the tower itself may become the focus of a terrorist attack."
It started from Castleton cricket field, and Shaun Morris set the early standard, leading at the halfway stage on just three marks lost from Wigg on five, Danby on six and Austermuhle on seven.