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 (wĭg′nər), Eugene Paul 1902-1995.
Hungarian-born American physicist and pioneer of nuclear engineering. He shared a 1963 Nobel Prize for his work on symmetry principles in quantum mechanics.
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(Biography) Eugene Paul. 1902–95, US physicist, born in Hungary. He is noted for his contributions to nuclear physics: shared the Nobel prize for physics 1963
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(ˈwɪg nər)

Eugene Paul, 1902–95, U.S. physicist, born in Hungary: Nobel prize 1963.
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Noun1.Wigner - United States physicist (born in Hungary) noted for his work on the structure of the atom and its nucleus (1902-1995)
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She covers the example of the Gaussian unitary ensemble, Wigner random matrices, beta-ensembles, discrete beta-ensembles, continuous beta-models: the several cut case, several matrix-ensembles, and universality for beta-models.
Dan Wigner.VP operations atTLF Graphics in Rochester, NY was attending his fourth annual FLAG meeting because,"It is so valuable to talk to associates from across North America.
It was built by Wigner's son Siegfried in 1894 and his widow, Winifred, lived there until her death in 1980.
where the upper and the lower equations are the Wigner and Poission ones, respectively, while f is the distribution function, t is time, V is electron velocity, [phi] is the self-consistent electrostatic potential, h = h/(2[pi]) is the Dirac constant, and [[epsilon].sub.0] = 8.85 x [10.sup.-12] F/m is the permittivity of free space.
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The most well-studied ensembles of random matrices are, without a doubt, Wigner ensembles [15]: these are random matrices X [member of] [M.sup.sa.sub.d](C) having independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) entries, up to the symmetry condition [X.sub.ij] = [bar.X].sub.ij]; see [16, Section 2].
This type of viewpoint can be extended still further with the development of mixed space/time transforms or mixed space/ spatial frequency transforms such as the fractional Fourier transform [10], the Linear Canonical Transform (LCT), and perhaps even more generally the form of Wigner distribution functions [11-17].
We first introduce bilinear localization operators, bilinear Weyl [PSI]DOs, and bilinear Wigner transform and show how they are connected; see Section 2.
But Peter and I had had a conversation about 5 or 6 years ago addressing exactly this topic of the soft electronic mode, though in a different context, the Wigner crystal instability.
The makers also showed discipline-specific skill development related to electrical and computer engineering (57 percent), mechanical engineering (28 percent), and manufacturing engineering (49 percent) (Wigner, Lande, and Jordan 2016).