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 (wĭl′bər-fôrs′), William 1759-1833.
British politician. As a member of Parliament (1780-1825) he successfully led the campaign for the Slave Trade Act (1807), which abolished the slave trade in the British Empire.


1. (Biography) Samuel. 1805–73, British Anglican churchman; bishop of Oxford (1845–69) and Winchester (1869–73)
2. (Biography) his father, William. 1759–1833, British politician and philanthropist, whose efforts secured the abolition of the slave trade (1807) and of slavery (1833) in the British Empire


(ˈwɪl bərˌfɔrs, -ˌfoʊrs)

William, 1759–1833, British statesman, philanthropist, and writer.
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In 1792, Wilberforce, William Pitt, and Charles Fox all spoke forcefully to abolish the slave trade.
Wilberforce, William. A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians in the Higher and Middle Classes of this Country, Contrasted with Real Christianity.