Wild honey

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honey made by wild bees, and deposited in trees, rocks, the like.
- Shak.

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Now it so happens that the Indians relish wild honey as highly as do the white men, and are the more delighted with this natural luxury from its having, in many instances, but recently made its appearance in their lands.
In a country of plantation, first look about, what kind of victual the country yields of itself to hand; as chestnuts, walnuts, pineapples, olives, dates, plums, cherries, wild honey, and the like; and make use of them.
Ben said he could see locust and wild honey sticking to it.
After all, the man whose horse trots a mile in a minute does not carry the most important messages; he is not an evangelist, nor does he come round eating locusts and wild honey.
And I may get it as sweet and fresh as the wild honey the bee gathers on the moor.
involved himself in a discursive address from Mrs Sprodgkin, revolving around the result that she regarded tea and sugar in the light of myrrh and frankincense, and considered bread and butter identical with locusts and wild honey.
But he had a voice as soft as wild honey dripping from a tree, and a skin softer than down.
It was the "wilderness" where John preached, with camel's hair about his loins--raiment enough--but he never could have got his locusts and wild honey here.
Wild Honey & Rye: Modern Polish Recipes by Ren Behan, Pavilion Books.
ORGANIC FRUIT WINES - Luzviminda Tancangco has put up an organic restaurant and store which is supplied with organic products from accredited suppliers like fruit wines and coffee from the Cordillera, organic rice from Nueva Ecija, turmeric from the Dumagats, wild honey and different kinds of vegetables.
by Gautam Viswanathan / [email protected] Some of Oman's most popular variants of honey include Al Sammar honey, Sidr honey, Al Batinah blossom honey, and wild honey.