Wild goose

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(Zool.) any one of several species of undomesticated geese, especially the Canada goose (Branta Canadensis), the European bean goose, and the graylag. See Graylag, and Bean goose, under Bean.

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This endless heat doth urge me to extremes; Yet cool of autumn waits till the wild goose screams In the track of whirling skies.
"Access to a Scotlandwide market for wild goose meat is one way of helping secure a future sustainable balance between active crofting and the greylag goose population."
When asked how they define "progressive," Jeff Clark, president and producer of the Wild Goose Festival, the aforementioned gathering, gave a hearty laugh.
From the starling to the mole, from the fox to the wild goose, from the grey squirrel to vermin, such as the rat, the pest controllers are ready to control them in all weathers over the four seasons Meet Ceredigion County Council's gregarious pest controllers, Community Wardens Nigel Jones and Roy Noble, who have worked together for many years and say they love the job of tackling pest problems.
The 40-foot-high fiberglass Canadian goose with a 60-foot wing span that that announced Sumner as the Wild Goose Capital in the World still stands though it has lost its raison d'etre.
"My heart knows what the wild goose knows, I must go where the wild goose goes.
The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is leading Malaysians on a 'wild goose chase' and causing them great hardship instead of the promised better life without Barisan Nasional (BN), Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong said today.
Wild Goose Dreams, which had its world premiere last year at La Jolla Playhouse, follows a North Korean defector living in South Korea who is haunted by the father she left behind.
To celebrate the return of the wild geese to Dumfries and Galloway, WWT Caerlaverock Wetland Centre is holding a Wild Goose Weekend on October 13 and14.
Just as Stephanie's lifeless body is found at the bottom of a lake, Nicky reveals that he just saw his missing mom lurking at the school premises-a creepy development that sends Stephanie on what initially seems like a wild goose chase.
When Andrew Marchant paid a visit to the Western Approaches secret war bunker, now a museum dedicated to the Navy's efforts in bringing down the Nazi war machine, he was stunned to see footage of HMS Wild Goose returning to Liverpool in March, 1944 - footage which clearly featured his father, Stoker Petty Officer Cyril Marchant.