Wild goose

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(Zool.) any one of several species of undomesticated geese, especially the Canada goose (Branta Canadensis), the European bean goose, and the graylag. See Graylag, and Bean goose, under Bean.

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This endless heat doth urge me to extremes; Yet cool of autumn waits till the wild goose screams In the track of whirling skies.
She said they went on a wild goose chase while looking for him.
The female officer attempts to disperse the birds but is given something of a wild goose chase before returning to her vehicle.
An undercover investigation which started in 2014 found that a meat shop in Star City was illegally selling wild goose meat.
In addition, she has owned and operated Wild Goose Chase since 1998, providing wildlife management services.
The RNLI and the volunteer life brigade were sent on a wild goose chase after the call came through on the coastguard's radio, interrupting their Halloween party on Saturday.
Aldred and Foreman had recently opened Wild Goose Engineering, a 1,000-sguare-foot, four-man machine shop dedicated to prototype fabrication for local manufacturers.
Xian (China), June 27 ( ANI ): Vice President Hamid Ansari today reached the Great mosque of Xian and the giant wild goose pagoda on his first bilateral visit to China.
It is the first incident, of many, which the reader is introduced to in The Small Wild Goose Pagoda (Aleph, ` 595).
There will be an array of activities for children, too, such as archery, pony rides, swing boats, miniature train rides and a Wild Goose Trail.
Homeless Bentley, who attended court in a mini dress, admitted criminal damage at Wild Goose Cafe in St Paul's, Bristol.
Within the first few hours at the Wild goose Festival, located in rural Shakori Hills, it was clear that I was at a revival.