Wild service

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(Bot.) See Sorb.

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This compelled other institutions such as Kenya Defence Forces, Community Forest Association (CFA), Kenya Wild Service (KWS) officers, and other organizations to join the campaign.
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the scheme a special commemorative Wild Service Tree is also available to order for residents living within the National Forest only, in addition to four other varieties.
An avenue of 50 wild service trees will provide an annual flash of red before Remembrance.
ANSWERS: Q1 The Yorkshire Bank; Q2 Blue Hall; Q3 Hilton; Q4 A wild service tree (Sorbus Tormanalis) and Star Magnolia (Magnolia Stellata); Q5 Louise Jameson (Leela); Q6 Park End Primary School; Q7 Nine years old; Q8 Baltic arts centre, Gateshead; Q9 Tockets Mill; Q10 The Tees-Thames Express.
* LATEST in a collectors' series of booklets about individual trees is `Chequer or Wild Service Tree' by Patrick Roper.
The reserve is also important for the rare wild service tree, a native species from our largely lost ancient woods.
Agassi played a wild service game to lose it to love in the third game and with another loose crosscourt backhand and a ruinous double-fault, the No 2 seed was broken again to trail 5-2.
A wild service tree has been planted in the woodland gardens of Gisborough Priory close to the Monks Walk, appropriately, at a diamond shaped path lined by lime trees.