Wilderness Road

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Wil·der·ness Road

The principal route for westward migration in the United States from c. 1790 to 1840. Blazed largely by Daniel Boone in 1775, it stretched from Virginia and across the Appalachian Mountains to the Cumberland Gap and the Ohio River.
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The Wilderness Road was living up to its name yesterday IAN COOPER
Organizational partners for Shop & Share include the First Ladys Office, KCADV, Kroger, Food City, Super Dollar, IGA, General Federation of Womens Clubs, Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, Girl Scouts of Wilderness Road, and Kentucky Drug Court.
18 Wilderness Road, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa
Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) in 1983, identifies the maintenance and widening of the nearby Wilderness Road, as the primary threat to the snail.
On the new wilderness roads emerging all around us, being "on mission" looks, I believe, strikingly similar to what happened on that much older wilderness road in the Acts of the Apostles (8:26-40).
Set in the late-eighteenth-century settlement of Kentucky, the characters are intended to resemble the author's own pioneer ancestors, who came to Kentucky along the Wilderness Road at a time when the West was free from the commercialism that would later assail it.
And writing car columns in Sacramento and Miami, he persuaded manufacturers to lend him test models for ever-more-improbable odysseys, topped by his 1996 trek to the Arctic on a narrow wilderness road through two mountain ranges.
At Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park, off Exit 38 on I-75 in London, visitors can see living history in the form of Native American trail markers and learn about the Defeated Camp--a massacre on an American Indian sacred ground involving indigenous tribes and settlers--from a surprisingly enlightened perspective instead of an exclusively Eurocentric viewpoint.
The portion of the Wilderness Road that crossed Cumberland Mountain was destroyed by highway construction in the early 1900s.
She meant what was left of the old wilderness road - a trace of the Trace, Dad called it.
I can't say what compelled me to head so far north; maybe it was the allure of the wilderness road.

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