Wilfley table

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Wil´fley ta`ble

1.(Ore Dressing) An inclined percussion table, usually with longitudinal grooves in its surface, agitated by side blows at right angles to the flow of the pulp; - so called after the inventor.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The gravity separation was conducted with Wilfley Table. Dry high intensity magnetic separation was performed on the concentrate, obtained through shaking table process, using magnetic roll separator with a permanent field intensity of about 1.5 tesla.
The flowsheet for Equatorial's proposed Processing Plant for Mayoko-Moussondji is designed to treat the hematite mineralisation types and employs a typical Pilbara de-sanding circuit comprising scrubbing, wet screening and then two stages of gravity separation using an upcurrent classifier and a Wilfley Table to simulate spirals.
The combination of Hardinge ball mills, an improved jig-like apparatus called the Wilfley table, and chemicals for leaching of flotation meant that 98 percent of the metal in copper-bearing rocks could be extracted.
The fraction below 1 mm was upgraded at the NAGROM laboratories in Perth Australia where clays and quartz sand were rejected using two stages of hydrosizer, with the final underflow product upgraded using a Wilfley Table. The less than 1 mm flowsheet was designed to simulate a typical Pilbara desanding plant circuit that uses a simple hydrocyclone-upcurrent classifier-spiral circuit.
As an alternative to the traditional Wilfley table mentioned above, Austria's Budin Consulting has developed a new gravity separation table which, it claims, offers several advantages over conventional Wilfley-type tables.