Wilhelm Ostwald

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Noun1.Wilhelm Ostwald - German chemist (1853-1932)
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Focusing on case studies from archival materials, the author depicts the life and intentions of three projectors who suggested a global perspective on the world in their works: Wilhelm Ostwald, Franz Maria Feldhaus, and Walther Rathenau.
In keeping with Licht's emphasis on the relations among the senses, Stockhausen synesthetically associated each of the "hours" of Klang with a color, according to a cycle originally created by the 1909 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, Wilhelm Ostwald; the musicians are required to wear the requisite color for the hour in performance.
7) By using U-tube Viscometer or Wilhelm Ostwald the viscosity tube the flowing speed of each blood sample has been measured.
Around the turn of the 19th century, scientists such as Pierre Duhem, Ernest Mach and German chemist Wilhelm Ostwald became concerned about the use of mechanistic models, and metaphysical beliefs.
One can think of influential chemical textbooks: Antoine Lavoisier's Traite Elementaire de Chemie (1789), Wilhelm Ostwald's Lehrbuch der Allgemeinen Chemie (1891), Linus Pauling's The Nature of the Chemical Bond (1939), come readily to mind, but none with the widespread appeal of Boerhaave's volume.