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 (wĭl′ə-mē′nə, vĭl′hĕl-) 1880-1962.
Queen of the Netherlands (1890-1948) who sought refuge in England during World War II but continued to encourage the Dutch resistance. In 1948 she abdicated in favor of her daughter Juliana.
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"To you they said, 'How do you do, Wilhelmina, Crimsworth?' To me, 'So you have found your counterpart at last; there she sits, the female of your kind!'"
`Are you willing, Wilhelmina, to share my ignorance?
MANILA, Philippines On the heels of news of the Philippines stamping "return to sender" on shipping containers of trash from around the world, interior designer Wilhelmina "Willie" Garcia collects trash and turns it into award-winning art and furniture creations through her social enterprise, Junk Not.
Wilhelmina, known as Minie or Doctor Mona, set up the first hospital in Fujairah in 1967 with her friend Joan Elliott
(She's signed by Wilhelmina.) She's originally from Toronto and (sorry, guys) is married.
Wilhelmina Davis is a true Tennessean, born and raised in Nashville, a woman who loves her city and state.
"Mena saw their tax revenue decline when Queen Wilhelmina was closed for renovation."
Wilhelmina Jallah, Lofa County Superintendent - designate William Tamba Kamba, River Gee County Superintendent - designate Mr.
Marital Pressure: The Duchess of Buccleuch (Dame Diana Rigg) wants Wilhelmina (Bebe Cave) to settle down with a husband, and she won't be particularly nice about it either.
Sophia Tang and Steven DeLuca From the time Steven DeLuca started dating Sophia Tang in October 2015, he knew he was part of a package deal that included Wilhelmina, Tang's 7-year-old daughter, a tough, unabashedly honest critic who had a say in all things, including DeLuca's marriage proposal to her mother.
Bartholomew's Anglican Church, Ottawa, and the brief but touching account of the artist, Wilhelmina Geddes, of Northern Ireland.