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Noun1.Wilkie Collins - English writer noted for early detective novels (1824-1889)Wilkie Collins - English writer noted for early detective novels (1824-1889)
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1824: Wilkie Collins, English pioneer of the detective and suspense story, was born in London.
Sims deftly shows Holmes to be a product of Doyle's varied adventures in his personal and professional life, as well as built out of the traditions of Edgar Allan Poe, Emile Gaboriau, Wilkie Collins, and Charles Dickens--not just a skillful translator of clues, but a veritable superhero of the mind in the tradition of Doyle's esteemed teacher.
A Agatha Christie B Wilkie Collins C Leslie Charteris D John Mortimer QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: What is the dominant religion of the Philippines?
The world should read The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins - possibly the world's first detective story - for the vivid characters and compelling narrative.
A James Fennimore Cooper B William Wilkie Collins C Samuel Langhorne Clemens D Herman Melville QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: Which British wild flower is also known as the wood hyacinth?
The book offers interesting and insightful studies of novels by Jane Austen (twice), George Eliot, Henry James, Anne Bronte, Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackeray, Wilkie Collins, and William Morris.
Opium--which prevents a satisfactory ending to The Mystery of Edwin Drood, due to the hesitation and ambiguity that drugged narrators like Wilkie Collins produce in the readers--is at the core of Simmons's and Pearl's narratives, in keeping with the plot of Dickens's last novel, which commences with the fantasies of John Jasper in an opium den:
The area north of Oxford Circus is littered with them, commemorating such notables as Michael Farraday, Simon Bolivar, Wilkie Collins and Edward Lear.
1889: Wilkie Collins, English novelist and pioneer of detective fiction (The Woman In White, The Moonstone), died in London.
There are also first editions by Charlotte Bronte, Wilkie Collins and George Eliot.
Authors include Wilkie Collins, Arthur Conan Doyle, Saki, D H Lawrence, H.