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Noun1.Wilkie Collins - English writer noted for early detective novels (1824-1889)Wilkie Collins - English writer noted for early detective novels (1824-1889)
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Suppose the servant really killed the master, or suppose the master isn't really dead, or suppose the master is dressed up as the servant, or suppose the servant is buried for the master; invent what Wilkie Collins' tragedy you like, and you still have not explained a candle without a candlestick, or why an elderly gentleman of good family should habitually spill snuff on the piano.
A Sir Arthur Conan Doyle B Colin Dexter C Wilkie Collins D Agatha Christie 10.
THE WOMAN IN WHITE by Wilkie Collins, Penguin Classics, PS7.99 As an example of storytelling by using multiple narrators, this has rarely been bettered.
Lady Franklin recruited all the cultural big guns of her time: Tennyson, Dickens, and a young Wilkie Collins, so that the defense of Franklin and the celebration of his success became a cultural imperative.
REAL LIFE p8 the 1868 novel The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins is generally considered to be the first detective novel, and established many of the ground rules of the modern detective novel.
1824: Wilkie Collins, English pioneer of the detective and suspense story, was born in London.
Vividly performed by BBC Radio Drama veteran David Timson, these Gothic tales include "The Signalman", "The Haunted Man", "Ghost's Bargain", "The Portrait-Painter's Story", "Captain Murderer and the Devil's Bargain", "A Christmas Carol", "The Baron of Grogzwig" from "The Pickwick Papers", and "The Ghost in the Bride's Chamber", a novella co-written with Wilkie Collins. Ghost Stories is a treasure for connoisseurs of the genre in general and Dickens' classic fiction in particular, highly recommended for both personal and public library audiobook collections.
BBC2's adaptation of Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White was superb.
nIenjoyed TheWomanin White (Sunday, BBC1) starring Dougray Scott and Jessie Buckley but some fans were not pleased with historical inaccuracies in the adaptation of Wilkie Collins' psychological thriller.
The five-part psychological thriller - a haunting adaptation loosely based on the 1859 novel of the same name by Wilkie Collins - follows artist Walter Hartright (played by Ben) who, after an encounter with a ghostly woman dressed in all white on a moonlit road, soon finds himself drawn into a mysterious and disturbing world.
it felt very relevant actor Ben Hardy on the Victorian drama based on the Wilkie Collins novel But while you'd assume getting to grips with the archaic language might prove tricky, it was getting into the creative mindset of Hartright that proved Bournemouth-born Ben's biggest test.
The Woman in White, Charing Cross Theatre, London (November 20 - February 10) A new revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, based on Wilkie Collins' Victorian melodrama.