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 (wĭl′kĭnz), Maurice Hugh Frederick 1916-2004.
New Zealand-born British biophysicist. He shared a 1962 Nobel Prize for his x-ray crystallographic work on DNA, which helped Francis Crick and James D. Watson determine its spiral structure.


, Roy 1901-1981.
American civil rights leader. Long associated with the NAACP, he asserted that racial equality should be achieved through the democratic process.
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1. (Biography) Sir George Hubert. 1888–1958, Australian polar explorer and aviator
2. (Biography) Maurice Hugh Frederick. 1916–2004, British biochemist, born in New Zealand. With Crick and Watson, he shared the Nobel prize 1962 for his work on the structure of DNA
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(ˈwɪl kɪnz)

1. Sir George Hubert, 1888–1958, Australian Antarctic explorer.
2. Maurice Hugh Frederick, born 1916, English biophysicist, born in New Zealand.
3. Roy, 1901–81, U.S. civil-rights leader.
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Noun1.Wilkins - United States civil rights leader (1901-1981)
2.Wilkins - Australian who was the first to explore the Arctic by airplane (1888-1958)Wilkins - Australian who was the first to explore the Arctic by airplane (1888-1958)
3.Wilkins - English biochemist who helped discover the structure of DNA (1916-2004)Wilkins - English biochemist who helped discover the structure of DNA (1916-2004)
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