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(wɪˈlæm ɪt)

a river flowing N through NW Oregon into the Columbia River at Portland. ab. 290 mi. (465 km) long.
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Noun1.Willamette - a river in western Oregon that flows north into the Columbia River near Portland
Beaver State, OR, Oregon - a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
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Sea lions feasting on native Willamette River steelhead are pushing the river's winter run of the seagoing fish toward extinction, the state warned Monday in a new report.
successfully petitioned the federal government to expand the Willamette Valley AVA by 29 square miles to include the winery and estate vineyards.
Willamette Management Associates Guide to ESOP Valuation and Financial Advisory Services, edited by Robert E Reilly and Robert R Schweihs (Willamette Management Associates, 2005), describes the practical applications of employer stock option plan (ESOP) valuation, financing, taxation and transaction structuring.
Willamette Industries is a forest products company that owns timberland it converts to lumber, paper and the like.
Weyerhaeuser planned to complete the acquisition of Willamette Industries on June 30 with the merger of Willamette into Weyerhaeuser.
After fending off a takeover for 14 months, the board of directors of Willamette Industries, Willamette, Ore.
that was the question at the June 7 annual meeting of one of Oregon's two remaining Fortune 500 companies, Willamette Industries.
Strewn with breakaway boat docks, logs and even a refrigerator, the bloated Willamette River mounted one final surge Friday, flooding homes and businesses south of Portland but sparing the downtown.
Willamette Dental recently promoted Justin West to Senior Director of Finance.
As it opens a new four-story patient tower, with a sparkling new patient entrance, and continues work on its $85 million expansion, McKenzie- Willamette isn't just surviving - it's thriving.
The University of California Pest Management Guidelines for grapes (2) state that Willamette mite is seldom a pest in the San Joaquin Valley, yet in the northern San Joaquin Valley alone, from 10,000 to 25,000 acres of winegrape vineyards are sprayed for this mite each year.