Willamette River

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Wil·lam·ette River

A river, about 480 km (300 mi) long, of northwest Oregon flowing generally northward to the Columbia River near Portland. The Willamette Valley, a fertile agricultural region, was settled in the 1830s by pioneers traveling west along the Oregon Trail.
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Noun1.Willamette River - a river in western Oregon that flows north into the Columbia River near Portland
Beaver State, OR, Oregon - a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
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A Portland Water Bureau project to construct a seismically resilient water supply line under the Willamette River will move forward after Portland City Council on Wednesday approved a $73.5 million design-build contract with Dallas, Oregon-based James W.
Cutthroat Trout are found in all tributaries of the Willamette River (Dimick and Merryfield 1945), where they have 2 major life-history patterns: resident fish that live in headwater tributaries of the Willamette River for their entire lives, and fluvial fish that migrate and spawn in lower-gradient tributaries of the Willamette River in the winter and spring, but live most of their lives in the mainstem of the river, where they grow to larger sizes than the resident fish (Moring and others undated; Nicholas 1978; Ecosystems Northwest 1989; Hooton 1997).
The Porter will offer 297 rooms, a rooftop bar and a grocery shop so guests can make picnics to enjoy at the nearby Tom McCall Waterfront Park, a popular 36-acre local attraction on the Willamette River.
The festival includes canoe tours, raffles, prizes, educational booths, food vendors and a boat race up the Canoe Canal and down the Willamette River. The festival is free but there is a $30 entry fee for the boat race.
Eight of them banded together to create Distillery Row, located mostly along a 1-mile stretch between 12th Avenue and the Willamette River. Remember: This is a marathon, not a sprint.
NOAA Fisheries included development of the plans in the new biological opinion as what is called a reasonable and prudent alternative that will help avoid jeopardizing threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead.EPA will lead the development of a cold water refugia plan for the Columbia River, while the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality will develop a similar plan for the lower Willamette River. Both plans are scheduled to be completed within three years.
Nearby Stahlbush Island Farms is concerned that opening up the additional area could lead to increased flooding of their property and in a worst case scenario, help create change in the Willamette River channel in the event of a historic flooding event.
It will be located on the Willamette River adjacent to Ash Grove's current facility, which has a storage capacity of 18,000 tons.
The tree is a survivor of an old orchard planted in 1860 near the Willamette River. Today its 190-inch circumference resides in Eugene's Owen Memorial Rose Garden.
You're riding your bike to work on the Willamette River Pathway in Portland, Oregon.
Meetings will start in October.<br />The Burnside Bridge provides a key connection between downtown Portland and the Central Eastside across the Willamette River. Burnside Street/Road is a regionally designated "lifeline" route that runs from Washington County east into Gresham.<br />The county is looking for a diverse group of task force volunteers who use the Burnside Bridge.
The Willamette River supports myriad fish, mammals and bird species.

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