William Butler Yeats

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Noun1.William Butler Yeats - Irish poet and dramatist (1865-1939)William Butler Yeats - Irish poet and dramatist (1865-1939)
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They visit many of the places beloved by the country's greatest poet William Butler Yeats: Innisfree, Coole Park and Drumcliffe, to name a few.
"The renowned 20th century Irish poet William Butler Yeats once said, Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.' For each of you, today marks a very significant step in your lives.
Ms Pelosi said: "William Butler Yeats, had redefined poetry, James Joyce had redefined the novel and Samuel Beckett had redefined theatre."
Hegel, William Butler Yeats, Virginia Woolf, Rene Girard, and Judith Butler.
The title of the work itself was taken from a line in the poem, 'The Second Coming', by another Irish writer, William Butler Yeats.
It first appeared in a poem written by William Butler Yeats in 1919, a line that Achebe used in his work.
Leda and the Swan is also a classic poem by William Butler Yeats, a major figure in 20th-Century literature.
As novelist and critic Colm Toibin walks the neighborhood south of the River Liffey, where he has lived since his student days, he draws connecting lines between shared locations haunted not only by three of the greatest writers his nation has produced--Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats and James Joyce--but by their fathers as well.
VVGOOGLING a runner The Crazed Moon 2.10 Towcester A poem by William Butler Yeats (June 13, 1865-Janaury 28, 1939).
When poet William Butler Yeats wrote these words, he was not thinking of insurance underwriting standards for sure.
One of her favorite quotes, by William Butler Yeats, perfectly expresses how I feel: "O body swayed to music, O brightening glance, How can we know the dancer from the dance?"