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Noun1.William Chambers - English architect (1723-1796)
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William Chambers entertained with a dinner at their home in honor of their son, Navy Winston Chambers, MM2c of the Seabees, home on leave.
Work on remodelling the re-named Queen's House began a year later under Sir William Chambers, and the decision to upgrade from a house to a palace came a little later, when George III was succeeded by his son, the famously extravagant George Victoria's Palace, ITV IV, who in 1826, appointed architect John Nash to create a palace fit for a king.
It was designed by Sir William Chambers, who also worked on the Great Pagoda in Kew Gardens and Somerset House in central London.
Robert William Chambers (May 26, 1865--December 16, 1933) was an American artist and fiction writer, best known for his book of short stories entitled The King in Yellow, published in 1895.
Mentor William Chambers, project engineer, Sierra Lobo, Inc., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Mentor Dr.
Also included in the coverage is the latest market trends, the influences on values for both buyer and sellers, and overall histories, such as a coverage of South Wales Pottery and William Chambers Jr.'s involvement in the company.
The delegation also included Debbie Jones, President of Prince William Chambers of Commerce and Industry and prominent businessmen and government officials.
2 WILLIAM CHAMBERS SNAKEWEAR CASHMERE GAUNTLETS I bought these for my partner's birthday.
John, a capable character in his chosen field, also plays Lord Cobham of Stowe, the first Duchess of Northumberland, George III (known as 'Farmer George' - it seems everyone had a nickname in those days), Clive of India and Brown's arch enemy, Sir William Chambers.
Architects associated with the country house throughout the ages include, among others, John Vanburgh, William Chambers, Robert Adam, John Nash and Sir Edwin Lutyens.
ERNEST "ERNIE" William Chambers was born on July 10, 1937, in Omaha, Nebraska, one of seven children born to Lillian and Malcolm Chambers.
Mum Judy impressed in a white coat and PS600 hat by designer William Chambers.