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Noun1.Sir William Alexander Craigie - English lexicographer who was a joint editor of the Oxford English Dictionary (1872-1966)
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My late grandfather, William Craigie of Middlesbrough, fought in the First World War and became a drill sergeant.
The book closes with Tolkien and Edith's return to Oxford as he began work on the OED under his old mentor William Craigie. Blackham points out that 243 former students from King Edward's School and 141 from Exeter College, Oxford died in the war; its final pages contain pictures of war memorials, including that at Oxford, which Tolkien "would have cycled past" in later years (153).
Among the topics are his studies in Early English and related languages as an undergraduate at Oxford 1913-15, William Craigie's significant folkloric influence on the style of The Hobbit, lexicography and other early linguistic preferences, his concept of philology as mythology, dynamic metahistory and the model of Christopher Dawson, the wild hunt and Sir Orfeo, mid-century perceptions of the ancient Celtic peoples of England, and perilous roads to the east from Weathertop and through the Borgo Pass.