William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

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Noun1.William Edward Burghardt Du Bois - United States civil rights leader and political activist who campaigned for equality for Black Americans (1868-1963)
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Soon, it dawns upon them that the words of William Edward Burghardt Du Bois still ring true.
William Edward Burghardt Du Bois was an iconic sociologist, historian, and civil rights activist.
Ida Bell Wells and William Edward Burghardt Du Bois were born into the new era of times in Holly Springs, Mississippi when African Americans were first free, rather than slaves.
Este seria el caso del sociologo afroamericano William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, uno de los pioneros de la sociologia norteamericana, invisibilizado aun en la actualidad por la comunidad sociologica.
The discursive workings of the Cold War are reflected in the narration of two lives: those of the scholar, human rights activist, and Pan-African internationalist William Edward Burghardt Du Bois (1868-1963), and the most influential Chinese leader of the 20th century, 1st Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Mao Tse-tung (1893-1976).
DR WILLIAM EDWARD BURGHARDT Du Bois was disliked by his own country, the United States of America, and so when he died, aged 95, on 27 August 1963 at the home Ghana's President Kwame Nkru-mall had kindly provided him and his wife with in Accra, the world barely noticed.