William Henry Harrison

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Noun1.William Henry Harrison - 9th President of the United StatesWilliam Henry Harrison - 9th President of the United States; caught pneumonia during his inauguration and died shortly after (1773-1841)
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William Harrison Marsh, 86, a longtime resident of Washington, D.
It is usually a celebratory affair, but it was the likely cause of death of President William Harrison, America's ninth president.
Michael Dalkin, 18, and William Harrison, 17, stole the boy's phone - only to return it when a shopkeeper chased them down the street.
Interested parties should contact William Harrison at (435) 651-3716 or wharrison@unhsinc.
William Harrison, whose blood soaked clothes were found strewn along the roadside near Charingworth, claimed he had been abducted by horsemen and shipped to Turkey, that his three kidnappers, decked in white robes, sold him into slavery, and that he escaped using a silver plate he'd snatched from his captors to pay for passage home.
Harrison - Dewey William Harrison, 95, of Eugene, died Jan.
Bazemore; her grandchildren, Elijah, Bexon and William Harrison, and Michelle Bazemore; by her nieces, Sue and Anne; and by many cousins.
Huddersfield-born former England bowler Ryan, 37, helped Lucy Moorhouse and William Harrison cut the ribbon to officially launch the new nets at Hopton Mills Cricket Club in Lower Hopton.
Ushers were the groom's cousins Christopher Brock Pittman and William Harrison Webb, both of Oxford.
The winning Heath Rangers Madrid squad - managed by Simon Spurr with coaching support from Jamie Iddon and Mike Marron - was Liam Law (captain), Louis Iddon, Cole Cunningham, William Harrison, Jack Wheatly, Zach Comer, Leon Spurr, Adam Moseley, Jake Hill and Louie Marron.
His grandfather, John William Harrison, lived in the same street as William Hunter.
DOCTOR WILLIAM HARRISON (PHYSICIAN) My conscience calls me to do abortions because I consider the mother's life much, much more important than that tiny little blob of tissue.