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Noun1.William Henry Seward - United States politician who as Secretary of State in 1867 arranged for the purchase of Alaska from Russia (known at the time as Seward's Folly) (1801-1872)William Henry Seward - United States politician who as Secretary of State in 1867 arranged for the purchase of Alaska from Russia (known at the time as Seward's Folly) (1801-1872)
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Murrow) and Steven Spielberg's 2012 Lincoln (he played Secretary of State William Henry Seward).
So, some would say, Lincoln, because of his provincial origins and self-effacing comments about his lack of international expertise, was a foreign policy naif who depended on the cosmopolitan Secretary of State from an eastern state (New York), William Henry Seward, to handle diplomacy during the country's greatest domestic crisis, the Civil War.
Dovremmo tenere a mente che Garibaldi fu molto stimato in questo periodo bellicoso della storia americana perche nel 1861 e di nuovo nel 1862 ci furono diversi tentativi celati, da parte del Segretario di Stato William Henry Seward e con l'approvazione del presidente Abraham Lincoln, di affidare a Garibaldi la nomina di comandante generale per la causa dell'esercito dell'Unione contro gli undici Stati Confederati d'America.
Benjamin Franklin, John Quincy Adams, William Henry Seward, Henry Cabot Lodge, John Foster Dulles, and Paul Wolfowitz are powerful figures who have left a distinctive mark in the American history.
Antislavery Whigs like Abraham Lincoln, William Henry Seward, and Daniel Webster remained loyal to their party's candidate even though he was a slaveholder from Louisiana.
William Henry Seward influenced the opening of trade with Japan and facilitated the purchase of Alaska, while Henry Cabot Lodge believed in Americaas destiny as a ruler and worked to atake controla of the isthmus, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Guam.
The diarist and Douglas both pinned their hopes for a peaceful settlement on William Henry Seward, who emerged as Lincoln's secretary of state after having lost the Republican presidential nomination in 1860.
Brewer, D-Barre, broke the purchase price down, saying the $10,000 per acre the state paid was the best bargain since William Henry Seward bought Alaska for 2 cents an acre.
The request for extradition subsequently made its way into the hands of New York's new Whig governor, William Henry Seward. Ultimately, Seward's refusal to cooperate in the matter touched off a "Virginia Controversy" that would not only run through the duration of his two terms as governor, but eventually allowed Seward to establish himself as one of the leading opponents of the peculiar institution.
William Henry Seward is remembered fondly in Alaska.
He got to know Whig leaders like Thurlow Weed and William Henry Seward, who played a major role in launching his career and plotting its early course.
On 30 March 1867, William Henry Seward, American Secretary of State (1861-69), provoked controversy both at home and abroad by signing the treaty that ceded Russian America to the United States.