William Howard Taft

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Noun1.William Howard Taft - 27th President of the United States and later chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1857-1930)William Howard Taft - 27th President of the United States and later chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1857-1930)
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WHEN did future US president William Howard Taft begin his tenure as Governor-General of the Philippines?
The Chief Justiceship of William Howard Taft, 1921-1930
He was eventually 'pardoned' by President Theodore Roosevelt upon the recommendation of then Secretary of War William Howard Taft, a former Philippine governor-general who later on also became a United States president.
President William Howard Taft addressed the university on a speaking tour.
The first chief justice was Cayetano Arellano, under William Howard Taft, who was chief executive at that time.
Jeffrey Rosen is president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, Pa., and the author of several books, most recently, William Howard Taft: The American Presidents Series: The 27th President, 19091913 (published by Times Books, an imprint of Henry Holt and Company), from which this article is adapted.
She is a recipient of the Pulitzer-Prize for No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor and the Home Front in World War ll; the Lincoln Prize for the bestselling Team of Rivals, which formed the basis for Steven Spielberg's award-winning film Lincoln; and the Carnegie Medal for The Bully Pulpit, the chronicle of the friendship between Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft.
Among the historical figures to have resided in the Kalorama neighborhood are prominent politicians, including Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft, Franklin D.
On Thursday, beginning with a minimum bid of $15,000, you can participate in an online auction for a chance to own a relatively anti-Semitic letter written by ex-President William Howard Taft to Washington-based Jewish journalist Gus J.
Rider Haggard, author of many best-selling exotic tales, remarked, "In real life he is more interesting than any of my heroes of romance." Among other well-known individuals who figure in Burnham's story are Cecil Rhodes and William Howard Taft, as well as some of the wealthiest men of the day, including John Hays Hammond, E.