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(Biography) John. ?1576–1634, English dramatist and satirist. His works include the revenge tragedies Antonio and Mellida (1602) and Antonio's Revenge (1602) and the satirical comedy The Malcontent (1604)
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(ˈmɑr stən)

John, c1575–1634, English playwright.
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Harvard University professor William Marston (charismatic "Beauty and the Beast" live-action star Luke Evans) teaches a psychology class in which he expounds upon his DISC theory, suggesting that behavior can be categorized into four components: dominance, inducement, submission or compliance.
by linking the play's writers with the goldsmith's apprentice William Marston (cousin of dramatist John Marston).
The famous four-style personality profiling and testing theory originated by William Marston in 1928 is abbreviated to which four letters?
The famous four-style personality profiling and testing theory originated William Marston in 1928 is abbreviated which four letters?
A simple model known as the DiSC profile, developed by William Marston, a Harvard Ph.D., has been in use since the 1930s.
William Marston's owl's-eye spectacles can be seen in photographs in family photo albums, also in the possession of Moulton Marston.
Course faculty includes: Joseph Raffetto, MD - Course Director, Ellen Dillavou, MD, Steven Elias, MD, Chieh-Min Fan, MD, Paul Gagne, MD, David Gillespie, MD, Mark Iafrati, MD, William Marston, MD, Patrick Muck, MD, Marc Passman, MD, Julianne Stoughton, MD, Harold Welch, MD, and Peter Wolstenholme, RVT.
The efficacy results demonstrate concordance across all of the defined measures of treatment failure in the trial," said William Marston, M.D., of the University of North Carolina.
Will Eisner, Jerry Iger, Jerry Robinson, Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Jack Cole, Jack Kirby, Charlie Biro, Bob Wood, and Joe Simon--many of them Jews from the Bronx--created a pantheon of superheroes, including Batman, Plastic Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman, the lone female super heroine thought up by the WASP psychologist William Marston to counterbalance the hegemony of the male superheroes.
After Larson saw an article on blood pressure and deception by lawyer and psychologist William Marston, he developed the first operational polygraph in 1921 and, over a dozen years, refined it and the methods for using it.
In the 1930s, William Marston developed a concept, later elaborated upon by John Grier, that divides people into four basic personality types: Dominance (D); Influencing (I); Steadiness (S); and Conscientiousness (C).
(I have to admit, the image of Wonder Woman consistently stuck in my head while reading Herland, and I am now suspect of William Marston, who, decades later, invented an Amazonian-like nation of women on Paradise Island.)