William McKinley

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Noun1.William McKinley - 25th President of the United StatesWilliam McKinley - 25th President of the United States; was assassinated by an anarchist (1843-1901)
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I think that President William McKinley is the best example of a man of this class that I have ever seen.
Fort William McKinley is now Fort Bonifacio; Camp Murphy is Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, while Nichols Air Base is Col.
Almost a century ago, the mountain became 'McKinley' in homage to the assassinated president, William McKinley, even though McKinley was from Ohio and had never visited the mountain, nor the state of Alaska.
1901: US President William McKinley is shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo, New York.
However, since that pilot episode, Glee has risen up through the popularity ranks - stopping briefly to accept a Golden Globe award every now and then - as quickly as gossip spreads through the corridors of William McKinley High.
99 The award-winning teen musical comedy pays tribute to Lady Gaga in the final 12 episodes from the second series, which sees acidtongued Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) plotting and scheming to ensure the glee club of William McKinley High School emerges victorious at Nationals.
Guitarist Slash slammed the show and said there's no way songs like Welcome To The Jungle will ever be heard in William McKinley High.
The Lacey Act was first introduced by Iowa Congressman John Lacey and signed into law by President William McKinley in 1900.
Is it: A) William McKinley High School b) Bill McDonald High School or c) Phil McGann High School?
Grant, William McKinley, and William Howard Taft, and black Olympic athlete Jesse Owens, who frustrated Hitler's plans to showcase "Aryan supremacy" at the 1936 Games in Berlin.
1901 American President William McKinley was shot and fatally wounded by an anarchist.
This political biography of William McKinley judges the assassinated president to have been "the world's greatest capitalist.