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Noun1.William Rufus - the second son of William the Conqueror who succeeded him as King of England (1056-1100)
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For their prelates; when they are proud and great, there is also danger from them; as it was in the times of Anselmus, and Thomas Becket, Archbishops of Canterbury; who, with their croziers, did almost try it with the king's sword; and yet they had to deal with stout and haughty kings, William Rufus, Henry the First, and Henry the Second.
uf and Richard de Malvoisin, and on the other was the pavilion of Hugh de Grantmesnil, a noble baron in the vicinity, whose ancestor had been Lord High Steward of England in the time of the Conqueror, and his son William Rufus.
This allusion to the fate of William Rufus, his Relative, at once incensed and alarmed Prince John.
William Rufus (Red Rufus), third son of William the Conqueror came to the throne of England.
The current landmark dates to 1097, when William Rufus laid the foundation stone for Westminster Hall.
charities that tout their longevity have nothing on CBT, which has lineage that can be traced to 1097, when King William Rufus (William II), second son of William the Conquerer, started a special tax to fund repairs to London Bridge.
James Buchanan's relationship with Alabama Senator William Rufus King may have influenced the Pennsylvania native to take a proslavery position throughout his presidency.
Chapter 4 considers the implications of Anselm's primatial theory as it was instantiated in England during the reign of King William Rufus.
He ignores the possibility-the possibility--that Buchanan had eyes instead for his erstwhile roommate, Senator (and Vice President) William Rufus King of Alabama, a silk-scarved dandy who made Oscar Wilde look like Ernest Borgnine.
Historians say England has had four gay monarchs: William Rufus (1087-1100), Richard the Lionheart, (1189-1199), Edward II, (1307-1327) and James I (1603-1625).
The highest known Bacon Number belongs to a man by the name of William Rufus Shafter, who is ranked (bacon number william rufus shafter) at a 7 .
the Michael Field dramas, William Rufus and Brutus Ultor, and the