William S. Burroughs

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Noun1.William S. Burroughs - United States writer noted for his works portraying the life of drug addicts (1914-1997)
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Very insightful-into Miles' book and into the life and thoughts of William S.
THE TOPIC: Even among the Beat Generation of which he formed an integral part, William S.
This is a full-length biography of iconic American writer and beat generation inspiration William S.
A major figure of the counterculture Beat Generation, William S.
El tres de agosto de 1997 Ira Silverberg, editor neoyokino de Grove Press dio a conocer mundialmente la muerte del ultimo sobreviviente y maximo representante del movimiento beat: William S.
Before his death, Mottram prepared an as yet unpublished revision of his book retitled William S.
The creators are certainly an intriguing mix: Wilson, the Texas-born artist and opera director whose canvases tend toward the lengthy and offbeat; Waits the equally eclectic songsman; and Beat poet William S.
THESE lines, startlingly enough, are the closing comments in a book that collects the last writings completed by William S.
The "Priest," They Called Him: The Life and Legacy of William S.
It is entirely noteworthy that the first posthumous book about him I've seen reference to, a British book published this year entitled The `Priest', They Called Him: The Life and Legacy of William S.
In Tangier in the 1950s, then an exotic outpost for writers and artists and a lively marketplace for drugs and sex, William S.
9, 1995--Inscape's THE DARK EYE, a breakthrough role-playing game featuring the talent of Thomas Dolby and William S.