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Noun1.William Stubbs - English historian noted for his constitutional history of medieval England (1825-1901)William Stubbs - English historian noted for his constitutional history of medieval England (1825-1901)
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John William Stubbs was born in Loughborough in the autumn of 1889.
The $10,000 grand prize was presented to William Stubbs, instructional leadership director at Oklahoma City Public Schools, for his mentorship program, "The Black Male Initiative."
Tackling a worsening crisis, William Stubbs of the Brisbane Hub is a mental health campaigner and co-founder of Spur: Labs.
Although Hesketh recognizes that the document-based inductive methodology exemplified particularly in the work of the revered medievalist Bishop William Stubbs, was important to giving historical research a scientific identity, his particular interest is in the writing of history and the debate over what constituted an appropriate style for the would-be science.
Estas sesiones reunieron al menos tres de los cuatro factores constitutivos de un parlamento, segun la historia constitucional de William Stubbs:
Julie Walters has described playing Marie - now Lady Stubbs thanks to her marriage to Sir William Stubbs, chairman of the John Radcliffe Hospital NHS Trust in Oxford - as one of the most demanding roles of her career.
This version of history, passed down by the pupils of the great nineteenth-century medievalist William Stubbs, has in recent years come under increasing attack by historians.
Her correct title is actually Lady Stubbs as she is married to Sir William Stubbs, the former head of exams watchdog, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.
Last year a row over A- level grading led to the sacking of Sir William Stubbs, chairman of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.
Then Education Secretary Estelle Morris sacked QCA chief William Stubbs.
Ms Morris responded by sacking the head of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, Sir William Stubbs, who complained he was being made a scapegoat for the wider failings of the system for which Ms Morris was responsible.
Almost 2,000 students got better grades following Mr Tomlinson's inquiry and the debacle helped end the tenure of both QCA chairman Sir William Stubbs and the woman who sacked him over his role in it, ex-Education Secretary and Birmingham Yardley MP Estelle Morris.