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Noun1.William Styron - United States writer best known for his novels (born in 1925)William Styron - United States writer best known for his novels (born in 1925)
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Based on the 1979 novel of the same name by William Styron, director Alan J.
Other literary giants who have featured in the past include Harold Pinter, William Styron, Nadine Gordimer, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, John Banville .
Writers discussed and represented including Jane Yolen, William Styron, Julia Alvarez, Russell Banks, Joyce Carol Oates, Jay Parini, Martin Middeke, and Leonard Ehrlich.
Franz Kafka routinely stayed up all night writing, and William Styron (author of "Sophie's Choice," among other best sellers) woke up at noon every day and considered his "morning" routine to be staying in bed for another hour to think.
William Styron called depression "darkness visible.
We tend to think of William Styron as a novelist--and rightly so, given the enduring power of such works at The Confessions of Nat Turner and Sophie's Choice.
The papers show that the Republican-led investigation into Foster's suicide infuriated the White House, which tried to recruit bestselling author William Styron to write a piece critical of the probe.
In fact I was all over the world, enjoying the eloquent companionship of William Styron, essayist.
Two letters are introduced from William Styron to Norman Mailer concerning the comments of Jim Jones on Mailer's The Deer Park.
He considers the work of Louise Erdrich, Alice Walker, Joseph Conrad, Michael Bakunin, William Styron, among others.
La amistad es parte ineludible del ser social de Carlos Fuentes y de su riqueza; es proteica como lo fue la literatura que cimento relaciones intensas con William Styron y Arthur Miller, a quienes admiro, tanto como su obra, por la entereza que los signo ante la adversidad.