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Noun1.Sir William Wallace - Scottish insurgent who led the resistance to Edward ISir William Wallace - Scottish insurgent who led the resistance to Edward I; in 1297 he gained control of Scotland briefly until Edward invaded Scotland again and defeated Wallace and subsequently executed him (1270-1305)
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I can tell you about Richard Coeur-de-Lion and Saladin, and about William Wallace and Robert Bruce and James Douglas,--I know no end.
She said: "It's quite incredible that he wants to compare William Wallace with fascist historical figures like Hitler and Mussolini.
Very little is known about William Wallace but he is thought to have been born around the early 1270s.
Fellow conjuror Jack Delvin - acting president of magicians' society The Magic Circle - said yesterday: "Ali would often tell people his real name was William Wallace and then add that he had been named after the warrior as he was directly descended from him.
Alexander Fleming comes in at number 20, John Logie Baird at 44, William Wallace at 48, Alexander Graham Bell at 57, James Connolly at 64, Robert the Bruce at 74, JK Rowling at 83, James Watt at 84, James Clerk Maxwell at 91 and David Livingstone at 98.
In the 1860s, a massive tower to Sir William Wallace was built on Abbey Craig at Stirling, overlooking the location of his finest hour - the Battle of Stirling Bridge.
William Wallace was beseiging Dundee Castle when word came that Hugo de Cressingham, King Edward's treasurer, had assembled a fresh English army and was heading north.
A PS150,000 statue of William Wallace and fellow army commander Andrew de Moray could be unveiled in Stirling next year.
1297: Scottish hero William Wallace defeated the English at Stirling Bridge.
Members of the William Wallace Members of the William Wallace Society joined 400 people who Society joined 400 people who marched from Stirling Bridge to marched from Stirling Bridge to the battlefield.
MOVIE star Russell Crowe has turned down the chance to take over from Mel Gibson as 'Braveheart' rebel William Wallace.
MEL Gibson directs and stars in this epic which charts the life of legendary Scottish hero William Wallace and his efforts to defeat Edward I.