William of Wykeham

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Noun1.William of Wykeham - English prelate and statesman; founded a college at Oxford and Winchester College in Winchester; served as chancellor of England and bishop of Winchester (1324-1404)
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(commonly supposed to have been established by William of Wykeham at Winchester, and imported to Rugby by Arnold more for the sake of the lines which were learnt by heart with it than for its own intrinsic value, as I've always understood), that it is a short exercise in Greek or Latin verse, on a given subject, the minimum number of lines being fixed for each form.
Having shown ability over obstacles, WILLIAM OF WYKEHAM is on a workable mark in the handicap hurdle (3.40).
William of Wykeham established Winchester for the education mainly of poor scholars.
Its bishops were men of enormous wealth and power, such as William of Wykeham, twice Chancellor of England, Founder of Winchester College and New College Oxford.