n.1.One who works at a willying machine.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They relate to a continuing court battle that has pitted the federal government against Josey Willier, a teenager from Sucker Creek First Nation, who for two years complained of chronic headaches and jaw pain stemming from an impacted tooth and a severe overbite.
Colton Willier's grandmother and mother are both artists so it's no surprise that the now-seven-year-old is an artist himself.
As Fred Francis Willier recalled, "My parents received a letter from the Indian Agent telling them if I didn't go to school my parents could go to court.
The project also involves four Elders and two youth, says Sandee Willier, a project manager from Driftpile.
Family members sharing cultural roots through dance and ritual are the focus of The Drum Calls Softly (Bouchard & Willier, 2008) and Long Powwow Nights!
(82) Note that the trilogy of decisions in R v Sinclair, 2010 SCC 35, (2010] 2 SCR 310; R v McCrimmon, 2010 SCC 36, [2010] 2 SCR 402; and R v Willier, 2010 SCC 37, [2010] 2 SCR 429 (all released October 8, 2010) have dramatically reduced this right and, it can be argued, will make the prospect of false confessions all the more prevalent.
Brandy Willier also says that she's being pragmatic, but does it with a sigh.
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Saturday morning's first stage was a 3.1-mile prologue time-trial around Merryfield Airfield, which he covered in six minutes and 17 seconds, 11 seconds faster than the lead time until Polish rider, Marcin Bialoblocki (Team Willier) - who's currently ranked top in the UK - came storming across the line to knock six seconds off Clinton's time to win the prologue.
David Bouchard and Shelley Willier; THE DRUM CALLS SOFTLY; Red Deer Press (Social Sciences) $0.00 ISBN: 9780889954212