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Noun1.Sears Tower - a skyscraper built in Chicago in 1974; 1454 feet tall
Chicago, Windy City - largest city in Illinois; a bustling Great Lakes port that extends 26 miles along the southwestern shoreline of Lake Michigan
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Other changes to Longines Weekend, announced as part of the enhancements to the Irish Black Type Programme, include the elevation to Group 2 status of the Willis Tower Watson Champion Juvenile Turf for two-year-olds at Leopardstown.
American Landmark Properties, which has not returned phone calls seeking comment, was also responsible for the sale of Willis Tower in 2015 in Chicago.
must-sees old-style revolving there's no entrance lobby, old oak cigar with a high-in front, iPads ready you | The Ledge: a see-through glass ledge 103 storeys up Willis Tower, lets you stand 1,353 feet above the streets.
Yet more than a million visitors a year choose to go out on The Ledge, a mere 103 storeys high, up the Willis Tower.
Yet more than a million visitors a year choose to go out on The Ledge, mere 103 storeys high, up the Willis Tower.
Last year even saw Chicago's 442m Willis Tower, once the world's tallest, drop out of the top ten, following completion of the 632m Shanghai Tower, now the second-tallest in the world behind Dubai's 828m Burj Khalifa.
Among his other creations are the Willis Tower and the John Hancock Center in Chicago, the Empire State Building and one of the twin towers destroyed in the Sept.
com)-- NexGen Networks, the premier provider of fiber optic-based network solutions to the world's top financial services firms and globa-l enterprises, has announced a fiber network expansion into Chicago's world-famous Willis Tower, the second-tallest building in the United States and the eighth-tallest freestanding structure in the world.
topping the Willis Tower in Chicago, at 1,451 feet.
But the council is real, and it has the power to issue rulings that inflate or puncture egos - as when it declared last week that One World Trade Center in New York City is the nation's tallest building, eclipsing Chicago's Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower.
The CTBUH is based in Chicago -- home to the nation's second-tallest building, the Willis Tower -- but announced its decision in New York City.
Earlier this week, we reported on Chicago Mayor (and Robin Thicke enthusiast) Rahm Emanuel's displeasure about having his city's Willis Tower demoted to the second-tallest building in the United States.