v. t.1.To wish; to desire.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(36.) Wilne SH, Dineen RA, Dommett RM, Chu TP, Walker DA.
Meanwhile, Ryan McLeod was also in winning form when he won the Wilne 10k in Draycott.
* Robert Wilne, Director for Secondary, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics
It's like being on holiday every week!" David and Jenett Wilne say that their pub shed, Hartley's Bar, is built from a converted summer house.
ROAD RUNNING: Rob Samuel of Eryri Harriers helped the Welsh men's team win the Inter-Area match incorporated into the Wilne 10km race in Derbyshire on Sunday.
And her consultant paediatric oncologist Dr Sophie Wilne phoned the family on Saturday night to tell them her latest MRI scan showed she was in the clear.
Central nervous system (CNS) tumours account for one-fourth of all childhood cancers and, presently, are the most common cause of cancer-related deaths in children (Wilne et
Wilne, "ER fluids in the squeeze-flow mode: an application to vibration isolation," Journal of Electrostatics, vol.
(1.) Wilne et al, The diagnosis of brain tumours in children: a guideline to assist healthcare professionals in the assessment of children who may have a brain tumour.
Middle row left to right - Miss Elsworth (housecraft?), Mr Lewis (English), Miss Purvis, Mrs Sherrell (French), Mrs Woosey (maths), Mrs Goodwin (PE), Miss Dixon (geography), Miss Kirkland (RE), Murphy (Russian), unknown, Mrs Wilne (English), Mrs Rowe (lab technician?).
Results (Leamington names first): Ray White, George Fox, Malcolm Wicken & Keith Young 24 R Spooner, C Milford, J Swift & J Ades 22; Alan Sabin, Trevor Briggs, Richard Ashley (president), & Bill Griffin 18 C Waterman, S Lake, B Loveman & D Cousins 16; Barry Connelly, Alan Fearn, Reg Simmons & Brian Rookes 19 J Todd, S Tolley, W Manley & I Morrill 13; Richard Wilsden, Mike Wallace, Peter Higgins & Bill Edkins 28 B Dawkins, M Young, S Wright & C Smith 12; Bill Jennings, Colin Palmer, Brian Wilne & Tony Barnett 17 L Bass, D Taylor, G Walker & A Hockley 21, Stuart Nuttall, Eddie Arnett, Andrew Woodward & Bill Port 27 S Terrell, R Clifton, R Summerton & D Johnson 15.