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Noun1.Woodrow Wilson - 28th President of the United StatesWoodrow Wilson - 28th President of the United States; led the United States in World War I and secured the formation of the League of Nations (1856-1924)
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This was the same John McCain who, having been caught in a web of campaign finance corruption as one of "The Keating Five," attempted to recover his virginity by co-sponsoring the infamous Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (McCain-Feingold), which might more accurately have been named the Congressional Incumbents' Protection Act, the most outrageous assault on the core purpose of the First Amendment since the Wilson Administration's Sedition Act of 1918 and the Adams Administration's Sedition Act of 1798.
Under the Wilson administration, 2,000 women launched a campaign called the Silent Sentinels.
So unless Robert Mueller has more goods than I expect, we are going to live for the next few years in the way that America lived during the waning days of Nixon, the end of the Wilson administration, and perhaps at other moments known only to presidential inner circles - with our own equivalent of the petticoat government, which in this case includes military uniforms, dress suits and whatever outfits Ivanka and Kellyanne Conway favour (but not, any longer, the layering of collared shirts perfected by Steve Bannon).
Ambassador Walter] Page were offering oral assurances that the Wilson administration would do whatever might prove necessary to save the Entente from defeat.
Progressives won important victories in the Republican Party in the 1900s and 1910s, but the perceived excesses of the Wilson administration and the chaos following World War I reinvigorated the property rights wing, which dominated through the 1920s.
was on terrible terms with the Wilson administration. Although (unlike
In his editor's introduction, La Follette praised Nock for exposing the Wilson administration's collusion with the purveyors of British propaganda.
Douglas MacArthur and Franklin Roosevelt first met in 1916 when both were involved in planning prewar mobilization for the Woodrow Wilson administration. Two years later, MacArthur was commanding the Rainbow Division in France where he earned seven Silver Stars for courage and bravery in leading his troops in battle against the Germans, while Roosevelt was serving as President Wilson's assistant Secretary of the Navy.
The Wilson Administration naively believed preparation for war would provoke war.
In an attempt to appease the Wilson Administration, Grey then assured the U.S.
Following up on work presented in a special issue of Diplomatic History (no.4, 2010) devoted to the US working-class and international policy, Elizabeth McKillen puts this awareness into historical context by addressing the role the US Left had in shaping the international policies of the Woodrow Wilson administration during World War I.
(30) The committee's line of questioning was clearly designed to show how the Wilson administration had double-crossed American businessmen who had originally been encouraged to go to Mexico by the US government.