Wind pump

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START your 2.3-mile walk at Wicken Fen Visitor Centre, Cambridgeshire, by going right on to boardwalk trail and head to the wind pump.
1 Starting from the National Trust visitor centre, turn right onto the boardwalk trail, towards the wooden wind pump.
It bared plans to intensify its 'irrigation support for small irrigation systems such as the Shallow Tube Wells, Small Water Impounding Projects, Diversion dams, solar pump, wind pump, drip irrigation, drums, etc.'
I wore a loose shirt and let the wind pump up my chest
"We have a windchest that was previously a plant stand/bookcase, a wind pump that was a vacuum cleaner, old reclaimed church organ pipes and valves, a small children's musical instrument, parts reclaimed from old computer equipment such as printers and disk drives, and small, low cost, but powerful computing devices, in particular the Raspberry Pi, now made here in Wales.
If the mechanical energy is used to drive machinery such as for grinding grain or pumping water the device is called a windmill or wind pump. Similarly it may be called wind charger when it is used to charge batteries.
Anticipating the impact of the El NiA+-o phenomenon starting this October, the first dragon fruit plantation in Northern Luzon has established at least two units of wind pump (a type of windmill used in pumping water), with a capacity of 2,000 gallons, to sustain the growth of dragon fruit cactus plants even on summer months.
Our first stop is Horsey, where we visit the National Trust-owned fivestorey wind pump. Built in 1912, it used to help control flooding but now offers fantastic views across the Broads.