Wind side

the side next the wind; the windward side.

See also: Wind

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If you've never used a whiz wheel, it has two main parts: a circular slide rule side for making quick airspeed and density altitude calculations (to name two), plus a wind side for computing groundspeed and wind correction angle.
A small portion of the exhaust air is induced to area between wind side parapet louvers and wind side first row cooling towers intake louvers.
wind side of a ridge when hunting a side-hill trail.
forces of hydrodynamic interactions between ships and ship drift on the wind side.
Table 1 Data of the standardized wind actions Part [], No c(z) [c.sub.e] N/[m.sup.2] 1 0.75 0.8 216 2 0.75 0.573 154.7 3 0.796 -1.11 -318 4 0.75 -0.4 -108 5 0.75 -0.427 -115.3 Table 2 Maximum stresses for the load combinations Load Load combinations [[sigma].sub.eq max], No MPa 1 Self-weight + uniform snow 124.7 2 Self-weight + drifted snow 274 3 Self-weight + service 170.1 4 Self-weight + wind 116.1 5 Self-weight + uniform snow + 121.0 + wind 6 Self-weight + drifted snow + 267 + wind side 1 (left) 7 Self-weight + drifted snow + 231 + wind side 2 (right) 8 Self-weight + wind + 80.5 + uniform snow 9 Self-weight + wind side 1 + 182.7 + drifted snow 10 Self-weight + wind side 2 + 97.5 + drifted snow
On the wind side, what is required for a wind project is a one-year wind study, a very site-specific study.
Fredette said the wind side of the business and the grid side are equally important and both have potential for growth.
Solar is of interest to us, but we see the biggest opportunities on the wind side.'
That said, the combination of one clueless female's yapping during the penultimate number and a final offering which erred on the A Mighty Wind side of folk meant it was to be a less than captivating end to a set destined to be remembered for the wrong reasons.
The east side of the big island, or the windward trade wind side, is noted for an abundance of rain (averaging around 140 inches annually), and the region is surrounded by a tropical rainforest As much as 300 inches of rain fall at the volcano summits.
The wind side of the workshop is loosely closed by part of the roof meeting a dirt bank.