Wind wheel

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a motor consisting of a wheel moved by wind.

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From Figure 10(a) it is visible that to increase the force of wind wheel wind speed increases; the absolute value of wind wheel is nearly with or without VGs.
Figure 11 is the wind wheel torque and torque variation.
Figure 10: Thrust of wind wheel and thrust increase value.
Aside from the use of wind for travel by sailboats, the first recorded wind-powered machine was the wind wheel of the Greek engineer Heron of Alexandria in the first century (Drachmann, 1961).
This drive is designed for transformation of variable wind wheel speed into constant synchronous generator speed that makes it possible to exclude expensive and less effective unit of electric current converters from the generator composition
The variable moment that is gathered by wind wheel is transformed during the operation into constant moment by the compensation gear.
There are two parts to this project--the Wind Wheel, which is turned by the wind and the LED Board.
After cement is set, use wood glue to glue the board in place where the reed switch comes very close to the magnet when the Wind Wheel turns.