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 (vĭt′ĭ-kŭl′chər, vī′tĭ-)
The cultivation of grapes, especially for use in making wine.

[Latin vītis, vine; see wei- in Indo-European roots + culture.]

vit′i·cul′tur·al adj.
vit′i·cul′tur·ist n.


1. (Agriculture) the science, art, or process of cultivating grapevines
2. (Agriculture) the study of grapes and the growing of grapes
[C19: viti-, from Latin vītis vine]
ˌvitiˈcultural adj
ˌvitiˈculturally adv
ˌvitiˈculturer, ˌvitiˈculturist n


(ˈvɪt ɪˌkʌl tʃər, ˈvaɪ tɪ-)

the culture or cultivation of grapes and grapevines.
[1870–75; < Latin vīti(s) vine + culture]
vit`i•cul′tur•al, adj.
vit`i•cul′tur•ist, n.


1. the science that studies grapes and their culture.
2. the cultivation of grapes and grapevines. Also called viniculture. — viticulturist, n.viticultural, viticulturist, adj.
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Noun1.viticulture - the cultivation of grapes and grape vinesviticulture - the cultivation of grapes and grape vines; grape growing
culture - the raising of plants or animals; "the culture of oysters"
resinate - impregnate with resin to give a special flavor to; "Greek wines are often resinated"


[ˈvɪtɪkʌltʃəʳ] Nviticultura f


nWeinbau m
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According to the State Program on the development of wine growing for 2018-2025, the export of wine from Azerbaijan should increase fivefold by 2025.
Scotch, gin and other spirits are our speciality and speak for themselves while our wine growing is on the up.
As one of a very few modern-era grape growers and winemakers in El Dorado County in the early 1970s, MacCready was a promoter of the county as a promising wine growing region.
You don't need to be a wine snob to get involved, even though Bordeaux is the largest area of wine growing in the whole of France.
Traditionally, it's been believed wine growing and wine production developed in Italy in the Middle Bronze Age (1300-1100 B.C.) as attested just by the retrieval of seeds, providing a new perspective on the economy of that ancient society.
Mr Joseph presented on "Cool Climate Wine: The Global Trend", which focused on how the wine growing industry has evolved over the years.
Nevertheless, one should always be aware that the widely appreciated vineyards of Tarnave, Alba, Sebes-Apold, Aiud and Lechinta owe their success to the environment and especially to the hard human effort geared towards improving certain environmental factors, which are less suitable for wine growing.
It may come as a bit of a shock but China has overtaken France as the second-largest wine growing area behind Spain.
As the country's traditional wine growing regions including the Barossa, the Hunter Valley and Margaret River grow ever hotter and drier, winemakers are rushing to the tiny island state of Tasmania.
In comparison with the previous month, the value of purchased vegetables decreased because of lower prices of vegetables (the value of purchased early potatoes decreased the most).In June 2013 the value of purchase in the group fruit and wine growing, in Slovenia, was higher than a month beforeIn comparison with June 2013, in July 2013 the value of purchase in the group fruit and wine growing increased by 4%.
For she's not suffering from the symptoms of alcoholism, even if she can slug back almost the entire output of the Rioja wine growing region of Spain in one sitting.